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The LEAGUE teaches students programming concepts using one of the world’s most scalable and popular programming languages. The goal is to turn students into an employable programmer in 4-6 years. All ongoing classes are taught by professional programmers using our unique curriculum. Students learn and practice the basics of programming – variables, control statements, loops and boolean logic – that will provide them with a solid foundation for tackling new technologies and programming languages.

LEAGUE members start with a workshop and then have the option to join our ongoing weekly classes ($240/month). This is a practical and fun workshop with hands on learning. Students will be coding progressively trickier problems for the entire duration of the workshop. You don’t need to be a techie or a geek to enjoy this workshop. Programming is easy and fun!

Workshops are small teams of 6-8 students ages 5th to 12th grade (no exceptions). For summer workshops, incoming 5th graders are welcome!

Financial Aid: Information about how to qualify and apply for financial aid - click here. IF APPLYING FOR FINANCIAL AID, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE ENROLLING.

  1. CREATE ACCOUNT: Start by creating an account. Enter YOUR NAME and EMAIL. At the bottom of the first page, you will be prompted to ADD A DEPENDENT where you will enter student information. If you are enrolling more than one student, add a dependent account for each student.
  2. SELECT AND PAY FOR CLASS: Go to CALENDAR tab, select a location* and browse the calendar for workshop dates, select a workshop and ENROLL. Payment is required at signup via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account). Payment can be made by credit card or by using a Paypal account. If the workshop is full, return to the calendar and enroll in the Wait List version for the desired workshop. No payment is necessary and we will notify you immediately if a spot becomes available.
  3. SIGN WAIVER: Check for email with a link to Docusign allowing you to provide an electronic signature on The League waiver (one for each dependent). This waiver must be signed before the student can attend class.
If you don't sign up for a workshop now, your account will automatically add you to our mailing list and we will alert you when new workshops have been added to the schedule.

*Locations: Students MUST attend a workshop at the same location where they would enroll in future weekly class. We use each location's enrollment numbers to ensure enough spots in future weekly classes for all interested work shop students.



  • What age must my child be to take classes? 5th through 12th grade, no exceptions. Fro summer workshops, incoming 5th graders are welcome.
  • What if I don't have an email address? Please contact us at: (858) 284-0481 for assistance.
  • My child already has experience, can he/she skip the workshop? No, experience has shown us that an intensive workshop with our instructor will get any student up to speed and fill in any gaps in learning. The classes are small so it is easy for the teacher to adapt the curriculum for whatever level the student is at. At the conclusion of the workshop, the instructor will recommend what level the student should start at.
  • Can I get more information about the curriculum? Sure, please review our Program Overview
  • Can I get more information about The League? Sure, please visit our website JointheLeague.org
  • What are the requirements to apply for financial aid? Please visit the Financial Aid tab for information about financial aid.
  • How do I apply for financial aid? Please visit the Financial Aid tab for information about financial aid.
  • Do you teach classes in other programming languages? No, classes are taught in Java. Students enrolled in League regular classes do have opportunities for other workshops.
  • Do you offer other workshops? Students enrolled in League regular classes do have opportunities for other workshops.
  • Can you recommend classes for a student who is too young to enroll at the League? Please visit our website JointheLeague.org for information.
  • Do you offer sibling discounts? Sorry, no.